Getting up and running with our API for Psychographic Data Enrichment is easy.

Just request an API key and we'll send you our API documentation. You'll be able to get started right away.

We'll even set up a time to walk you through it*, answer your questions and see if there's a specific use case you need or anything we can help you with.

And, if you're not technical or don't have technical resources available, don't worry. Just let us know! We're happy to lend a hand so you can enrich your data using Madarka's psychographic segmentation. 

Since we believe that seeing is believing, you can send an initial audience of up to 10,000 Twitter @usernames through our API using our Foundation Segment set as a free trial, too. Just to see how you like it.


* We know you're smart and can handle it on your own, especially since our API is easy to use. We just want you to know we're here to help.